QA / QC Program

Quality is a key part of our service and this program is designed to keep our standards at their highest levels.

Our quality control program is fundamental to the overall mission of providing excellent service to our customers. It is not just about the material we use or how it is installed, it starts at the time we receive initial contact from the customer to the time payments are received. Each step along the way has specific parameters that must be followed. By doing so, it ensures each project is consistently completed as accurately as possible and minimizes the chances of miscommunication or errors. Our project flow chart is a guideline that sets the standard for quality throughout each and every step of a project. It dictates whether a project moves forward or not.

The design and construction of every project is completed following national industry standards as established by the NEC and UL. All material, tooling and equipment for our projects are used in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations and guidelines.

Our QA/QC program is divided into eleven major components, however each one involves a series of steps that must be completed before a project moves forward.

  • Estimator Checklist
  • Project Management Checklist
  • Field Job Folder Checklist
  • Purchasing/Warehouse Checklist
  • Job Site Safety and Quality Audit
  • Near Miss Report
  • Field Tests and Inspection Reports
  • Project Superintendent Job Site Evaluation
  • Post Job Review
  • Project Completion Form
  • Customer Invoicing

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